Parent Magazine use our penguin eraser in their holiday craft!

This Christmas countdown or advent calendar is fun to make and our little erasers fit perfectly in them. Here is your hows’ –

1. For the base, cut a 10- by 15-inch piece of corrugated cardboard.
2. Cut 12 toilet paper tubes in half, then paint the tubes and the base white.
3. Dip the bottoms of the tubes in tacky glue and place them on the base in a grid, leaving about a half inch of space between them. Let the glue dry.
4. Cut tissue paper into 48 (3 1/2-inch) circles. Inside each tube, place an eraser, then lay two tissue paper circles over the top of the tube. Stretch a small rubber hair band over the tissue paper and the tube so that the paper is taut.
5. Add vinyl number stickers to the tissue paper.
6. To hang your calendar, cut slits near the top of the cardboard and insert a loop of string into them.

Have fun!


Walls of Stickers

August 5, 2013

Wondering what to do with all your sticker collection?

Payton Cosell Turner created wallpaper with her sticker collection by arranging them into patterns. How cool is that!

See more of her work on Elle Decor or her website.salon_close


And if you are looking for some fun stickers for your own wall creation, check out our huge collection of stickers!

Eraser Brooch

February 27, 2013

There are so many fun things you can make with our erasers. Making them into brooches is the easiest, and fun for the kids too!

All you need is safety pin with back base, jewelry glue, and an eraser.Things you need to make eraser brooch

Glue the pin on the back of the eraser, like this. Wait 24 hours for the glue to dry completely, or whatever your glue’s direction says.

wait for the glue to dry!

Eraser Brooch Craft Project

Voila! A cute ladybug brooch is born, just in time for spring! And if you ever in need of erasing, there is one on your sweater!

This project is fun for adults and kids alike. You can select your next new brooch from our huge selection of erasers. Make one for your kids’ teachers, friends, family. If they don’t want wear it, they can still use it as erasers!

Make it work!

From our customer –

Your Kimono Sticker was a hit with my 5 years old. She put the clothes and shoes and purses together, gave them some faces, and even a scene! “These ladies and one has a dog, are going shopping. This is (bottom of the drawing) the shop keeper in her store.” The dog sticker was also from Hapa Culture’s sticker collection. It was a fun project! Thanks!

Kimono Sticker CraftOur stickers are not just fun and safe to stick and collect, you can also do educational and creative craft projects with them. They are great for preschoolers and elementary school ages. With these stickers, kids can also learn about other cultures and their attires, so they can start to understand about the world.

If you have any fun and creative projects using our products, please share with us! We would love to post it on our blog and website. You will also receive a free gift!

Instead of cookies and candies, why not give a child a jar of erasers!

Parents and doctors all approve of this healthier alternative to sweets. Our erasers are very useful for erasing pencil marks, they are also great fun as toys. Kids can practice their motor skill by taking them apart and putting them back together. The erasers will keep them busy for hours, so you can relax and really enjoy the holidays.

All you need is a glass jar, ribbon, and bunch of our erasers!

Happy holidays!

Jar of Erasers

From Parent Magazine, this home made Advent Calendar is hiding our erasers as little gifts for each day of the countdown.

Make your own Countdown Advent Calendar, with your muffin tin, magnet sheet, and some card stocks.

With its 24 openings, a mini-muffin pan makes a perfect base for a treat-filled Advent calendar. Because the numbered coverings are held on by magnets, you’ll be able to bake with the pan again after Christmas, or use it again next year.

1. Cut 24 circles 2 1/4 inches wide from a 12- by 24-inch adhesive magnetic sheet. Adhere them to patterned paper, then cut them out.

2. With a 1-inch circular punch, make 24 paper circles. Number them and use a glue stick to attach them to the magnetic circles.

3. If you’d like to hang the muffin pan with a ribbon, make two holes (see tip below).

4. Fill the muffin wells with tiny erasers, stickers, and origami creations.

Crafter’s Tip: To hang the pan on a wall, set one rim on a block of wood and use a hammer and a nail to make two holes. Loop a ribbon through them and tie.

Have fun!

Craft Project: Eraser Clock

November 21, 2012

Looking for some crafty ideas to do with your kids? How about making something fun with your eraser collection? Debbie, our designated crafty mom, made this fun and functional clock with our erasers.

All you need is:

1. numberless clock, this one is from Target.
2. 12 erasers from our eraser collection
3. good adhesive  like glue gun, two part epoxy, or liquid nail, but that maybe overkill.

Place the erasers on the space where the numbers go, and glue them on! It is that easy.

You can personalize them by putting your favorite erasers on the clock. My daughter loves animals so we used only animal erasers for her clock. You can also make one just for the kitchen by using our food erasers, or make one for someone who loves cakes with all our yummy looking cake erasers. They are great as birthday gifts and Christmas gifts.

Have fun with our erasers, and if you have other fun crafty ideas using our erasers, please send us your picture, and we will totally put it up on our blogs and facebook.

My favorite part of the Easter Egg Hunt is actually stuffing the eggs. As a parent, I don’t like giving my kids candies that are full of sugar and artificial colors and flavors. For our annual Easter egg hunts, my friends and I put little Japanese erasers and stickers in the plastic eggs. The Japanese puzzle erasers are much better for them. The erasers are like puzzles, you can take them apart and put them back together. The erasers help them with their motor skills, not to mention that these are great erasers for erasing their unwanted pencil marks. With these erasers, you get more milage out of the erasers than candies. These Japanese erasers are all made with non-toxic material, so no lead, no latex, no phthalates. They are recyclable and earth-friendly. With our Japanese puzzle erasers and Easter sticker, the kids are occupied longer, so you can actually have a fun and healthy party!