Halloween treats does not have to be candies that cause cavities, weight gain, and sugar highs. Our Halloween treats are sugar free and good for children. They are erasers! No just any kind of erasers, they are puzzle erasers. Unlike candies, they are fun to play with, and they help kids with their development, motor skills, and dexterity. Our erasers are not just great toys, they are also great erasers too, perfect companion for doing homework! Be a responsible adult, and instead of giving out candies and create more health problems for our children, give out erasers! Now, you can save by getting a bulk pack with bulk rate.


Yummy Lunch Box

August 24, 2014


It’s back to school! Wondering what to put in your kids’ lunch box? Here are some great ideas in a box! This Lunch Puzzle Eraser Box includes 2 sandwiches, whole wheat bread, pineapple bun, a rabbit carved from a slice of apple, cream custard coronet, strawberry shake, and milk. Total of 9 erasers in a keep sake plastic box is perfect for school kids, especially those who need a little encouragement. Made in Japan, these erasers are non-toxic, no lead, no PVC, and eco friendly. They are erasers and toys at the same time, but they are not real food, so don’t try to eat them!


Soccer Ball Erasers

June 26, 2014

soccer balls

World Cup 2014 is finally here, and the world is watching with excitement! Children and adults alike, are having parties and get-togethers in front of the TV. A great way to add a little fun to your World Cup party is with our soccer ball erasers! You can scatter them around the party table or the party room, give them away as party favors, or even play a little miniature soccer during the commercials. May the best team win!

Hapa Culture erasers are the best travel companions for your next family vacation. Whether you are on the planes, trains, or automobiles, these erasers can entertain the kids for hours!

Our erasers are small, so you can tuck them anywhere – your kids’ backpacks, your jacket pocket, your carry-ons, and even those little nooks and crannies in your luggage!

These cool erasers pass airport securities with flying color and are enjoyed by kids all over the world, while traveling all over the world.


ImageMost doctors, dentists, and parents agree that candies are not good for our kids. So for Halloween, instead of giving out candies, give out erasers! Our erasers are better than candies in every way. As a healthier option, our puzzle erasers are non toxic, calorie free, and very useful. Kids can do homework with them, collect them, and play with them for a long time. Unlike candies, a short pleasure with possible long-term repercussion, our erasers will never give your children cavities, sugar highs and lows, obesity, diabetes, and headaches for parents. Our erasers keep children healthy, happy, and parents too.

Our Halloween and other erasers are non-toxic and made from natural rubber in in an eco friendly manufacturing facility in Japan. Our puzzle erasers are fun to play with. You can take them apart and put them back together. These erasers are not just great toys, they are also great erasers!


Summer is the best time to visit your local aquarium. While it is hot out side, aquariums are usually cool and dark and full of surprising and unusual animals.

Our aquarium eraser set is the best gift for those boring rides to and from the aquarium. The kids can hold in their hands the animals they will see in the aquarium and learn more about them at the aquarium. Since you can’t hold the real sea creatures, these little turtle erasers and sting ray eraser are very helpful learning tools, especially for children who are tactile leaners. They can hold these erasers while visually see and hear about these corals, sharks, stingrays, and turtles.

Our aquarium eraser set is also a great compromise for those kids who want an aquarium in their house and their parents who have no desire for additional responsibility. These aquarium erasers are small so they will not take up space like an aquarium tank.

If the aquarium inspires the children to create a science project for their school or do a show-and-tell about their summer vacations, this aquarium set is perfect gift for them. These aquarium erasers can be used as visual props for their presentation, and the little sea animal erasers can also help them remember their trip to the aquarium. On our website, we also have other sea animal erasers to add to the theme.

Our aquarium eraser set includes 2 shark erasers, 1 sting ray eraser, 2 turtle erasers, and 2 coral erasers. Erasers may vary. For 3 years old and above. Iwako, Japan. 2.75″ x 4″. Set of 7 erasers.


What do Japanese kids eat in the summer? Anmitsu!

A popular dessert for many decades, anmitsu (あんみつ) is a white translucent jelly made from the red algae. Usually served in a bowl along with a sweet azuki bean paste called anko (an- part of anmitsu), boiled peas, mixed fruit, and mitsu, a sweet black syrup ( an + mitsu = anmitsu). Anmitsu is delicious and sweet. When served with ice cream on top, it is called cream anmitsu. Sometimes it is also served with soft serve, mochi, mochi ice cream, fruit juice, and even caramel! Anyway you serve it, anmitsu desserts are delicious and yummy!

On this tray of erasers, there are 2 bowls of cream anmitsu, a spoon to “eat” with, a cup of tea, and a plate of mochi on sticks! One with anko, the red bean paste, and the other, covered with matcha cream paste.

New to our eraser collection,  these anmitsu jelly desserts may look really delicious, but are erasers. Please don’t eat them, even if a spoon eraser is included. Erasers may vary. For 3 years old and above. Iwako, Japan. 2.75″ x 4″. Set of 7 erasers and 1 tray.

Happy July 4!
We are out in nature and meeting a lot of summer insects and bugs. With nature at its full force, the flowers are attracting bees, butterflies, while the dragonfly flies over the lily ponds. The ladybugs are also busy helping out gardeners and farmers.


Newly arrived at Hapa Culture, this insect eraser and bug eraser set contains 2 ladybugs, 2 bees,  2 butterflies, and 1 dragonfly. Each insect comes with its own leaf, giving this set of eraser a total of 14 erasers! It is the best deal of all our eraser sets! Our insect eraser set is great for spring and summer party gifts or favors, perfect for kids’ science project or science presentations, and of course, these erasers are the best erasers ever!

Check out these insect and bug erasers and other fun puzzle erasers on our website!

Since it is winter in Australia right now, the kangaroos have come over here to bask in our warm summer weather!

Kangaroo mamas are known for their unique pouches that carries their babies (joeys) around. The joey stays in his mother’s pouch until he is strong enough and ready to hop off. In the wild, kangaroos live together in groups called mobs. They help each other out and protect each other from dangers.

This mob of mama kangaroo erasers come in 6 different colors. Their baby kangaroos, call joeys, are all in baby cream color. These erasers are not just fun for kids, they are also great party favors for baby showers, especially for those who are from down under. Newly arrived at Hapa Culture, we hope you’ll love them as much as we do!

boatsIt is almost summer and some of you are probably taking your kids on a cruise or a ferry-boat ride during your travels. In the back of your head, you are probably thinking of all those problems that cruise ships have had.

Well, no worries here! Our cruise ship and ferry-boat erasers have just arrived, and they are perfectly safe, as long as you don’t eat them. These ships look very realistic with those little life boats and smokestacks on them. They are not just erasers, they are also toys, puzzle, and great erasers of course.

So whether you are going on a cruise ship or just taking a ferry-boat ride, these little toys will help your kids learn about those big boats before they go on. If you are taking other types of transportation, we also have planes, trains, and automobile erasers!

Our erasers are just small enough that they will not take up any space in your luggage, and they will entertain your kids for hours! They are the perfect toys for your summer travels.