Recently, thousands of Mobular rays are spotted off the coast of Baja, swimming together. Unlike your regular gathering of rays, this one is so huge that no one has ever seen before. The scientists don’t even know why they do this. These rays were having so much fun swimming together and even flying together! 


Chinese Food Erasers

January 27, 2014

Chinese Food Erasers

Happy Chinese New Year!


New at Hapa Culture, we have a new set of construction erasers. The Construction Eraser Set includes construction trucks and trailer eraser set, the trucks come in 3 different equipment type erasers – wheel loader eraser, dump truck eraser, and hydraulic excavator eraser, all are puzzle erasers. The trailer eraser is also a puzzle, you can take it apart and put it back together. The back of the trailer can be put down or lift up for transporting the truck erasers. The 4 sets of traffic cones and road blockers are also erasers! The eraser parts are also movable. The wheels are not erasers, but they move too. These construction truck erasers are great as erasers and as toys. A must have for kids who love trucks! For 3 years old and above.


Parent Magazine use our penguin eraser in their holiday craft!

This Christmas countdown or advent calendar is fun to make and our little erasers fit perfectly in them. Here is your hows’ –

1. For the base, cut a 10- by 15-inch piece of corrugated cardboard.
2. Cut 12 toilet paper tubes in half, then paint the tubes and the base white.
3. Dip the bottoms of the tubes in tacky glue and place them on the base in a grid, leaving about a half inch of space between them. Let the glue dry.
4. Cut tissue paper into 48 (3 1/2-inch) circles. Inside each tube, place an eraser, then lay two tissue paper circles over the top of the tube. Stretch a small rubber hair band over the tissue paper and the tube so that the paper is taut.
5. Add vinyl number stickers to the tissue paper.
6. To hang your calendar, cut slits near the top of the cardboard and insert a loop of string into them.

Have fun!

ImageMost doctors, dentists, and parents agree that candies are not good for our kids. So for Halloween, instead of giving out candies, give out erasers! Our erasers are better than candies in every way. As a healthier option, our puzzle erasers are non toxic, calorie free, and very useful. Kids can do homework with them, collect them, and play with them for a long time. Unlike candies, a short pleasure with possible long-term repercussion, our erasers will never give your children cavities, sugar highs and lows, obesity, diabetes, and headaches for parents. Our erasers keep children healthy, happy, and parents too.

Our Halloween and other erasers are non-toxic and made from natural rubber in in an eco friendly manufacturing facility in Japan. Our puzzle erasers are fun to play with. You can take them apart and put them back together. These erasers are not just great toys, they are also great erasers!

Cooking Girl Puffy StickerOur Cooking Girl Puffy Sticker is the paper doll for this century. This doll comes with a kitchen, refrigerator, stove, cookware, food, even a table. Simply cut out the kitchen cut and fold on the appropriate lines. The stickers are all reusable on the kitchen, which is made with specially coated paper. You can stick and reattach all the stickers, just be careful when pulling the stickers off the kitchen. You can also stick the stickers on top of each other, put  foods on the plate, or make a sandwich!

The sandwich ingredients are all stickers too. The bear shaped toasts, cheese, lettuces, tomatoes, burger patty, are all stickers. You can use them over and over again.


This set of fun stickers also come with desserts. Cakes that are waiting for you to put those extra strawberries on them. There are omelet and donut for breakfast, meatloaf,  bread, and biscuit for dinner, even tea cups and tea pot for tea time.

To prepare food, the kitchen includes a big refrigerator with 3 doors, cutting board and knife, pots and pan, utensils, and kettle too. You can put these on the kitchen stove or “hang” them on the wall! This set of kitchen stickers also comes with tea pot and tea cup, milk, salt and pepper, of course, and many other fun kitchen items.

Cooking Girl Puffy Sticker can entertain for hours, for kids and adults 3 or older. Younger children will need supervision and/or assistance with kitchen cutout assembling. Great for rewards, party favors, plane rides, waiting at a restaurant, or stocking stuffers. For other fun and unusual stickers, please check out our website!

New Shipping Rates

September 6, 2013

For those who likes to buy 1 eraser at a time, we have a new shipping rate for you! Shipping orders that are over $100 is still free, but for orders $15 or less is now $3. So if you just want to buy a couple new items, like our turtle erasers and stingray erasers, shop away! It is only $3 for shipping. That’s less than most tolls and a gallon of gas. Happy shopping!


Back to School Sale

August 7, 2013



We are having a giant sale, just in time for back to school. From animal erasers to food erasers, you’ll find lots of discounted puzzle erasers on our website.

Our school supply eraser set is perfect for the new school year.



These may look like school supplies, but they are actually all erasers, which are considered school supplies too! The school supply set includes pair of shoes erasers, pencil sharpener eraser, stapler eraser, tape eraser, scissors eraser, backpack or book bag eraser, and even a Japanese lucky charm eraser. It says “accomplish the goal”, “strong luck and win”, or “learning power UP”. You can turn the handle on the pencil sharpener eraser, open and close the scissors eraser, and the stapler eraser can bounce up and down like the real thing! The back pack or book bag eraser comes with great detail. Great as erasers, gifts, school awards, or doll house and doll accessories. Erasers may vary. For 3 years old or above. Iwako, Japan. Pack 2.75″ x 4″. Set of 7 erasers.


Walls of Stickers

August 5, 2013

Wondering what to do with all your sticker collection?

Payton Cosell Turner created wallpaper with her sticker collection by arranging them into patterns. How cool is that!

See more of her work on Elle Decor or her website.salon_close


And if you are looking for some fun stickers for your own wall creation, check out our huge collection of stickers!


Summer is the best time to visit your local aquarium. While it is hot out side, aquariums are usually cool and dark and full of surprising and unusual animals.

Our aquarium eraser set is the best gift for those boring rides to and from the aquarium. The kids can hold in their hands the animals they will see in the aquarium and learn more about them at the aquarium. Since you can’t hold the real sea creatures, these little turtle erasers and sting ray eraser are very helpful learning tools, especially for children who are tactile leaners. They can hold these erasers while visually see and hear about these corals, sharks, stingrays, and turtles.

Our aquarium eraser set is also a great compromise for those kids who want an aquarium in their house and their parents who have no desire for additional responsibility. These aquarium erasers are small so they will not take up space like an aquarium tank.

If the aquarium inspires the children to create a science project for their school or do a show-and-tell about their summer vacations, this aquarium set is perfect gift for them. These aquarium erasers can be used as visual props for their presentation, and the little sea animal erasers can also help them remember their trip to the aquarium. On our website, we also have other sea animal erasers to add to the theme.

Our aquarium eraser set includes 2 shark erasers, 1 sting ray eraser, 2 turtle erasers, and 2 coral erasers. Erasers may vary. For 3 years old and above. Iwako, Japan. 2.75″ x 4″. Set of 7 erasers.