Chicks and Eggs for the Spring Easter

Which one came first, chicks or eggs? No one knows for sure, but we have both. Newly hatched from their eggshells, these cute little chicks are not just great as toys, they are also great erasers. Perfect for Spring Easter as Easter egg stuffers and Spring party gifts. These puzzle toy erasers are also great for all the other special days of the year, as little rewards, party favors, toys for traveling. For 3 years old and above. Made in Japan. 1″w


Tulips, daisies, and daffodils are blooming everywhere! Spring may come early and last longer here in Berkeley, but you can have little tiny bits of spring anywhere with our Flowers and Watering Pitcher Cans Garden Erasers. This beautiful set of erasers includes a pot of yellow flowers eraser, a pot of purple roses eraser, a red bouquet eraser, a pink bouquet eraser, an orange bouquet eraser, and a watering pitcher can eraser in your choice of red or yellow. Because these erasers are also puzzle erasers, you can switch the flowers and their bouquets. Perfect gift for spring, this Japanese eraser set with their mini flower erasers and watering can erasers are great for children. These erasers not only eraser well, they encourage children to love nature, gardening, and the outdoors. Gardeners of all ages also love these spring garden erasers as displays or in doll houses.